It all started when…

… in 2017, I found myself confused. I had a good job, a great partner, a gorgeous flat, amazing friends.

And I was miserable. I looked at the life around me I had built and it just didn’t seem…well, me.

I found myself getting on the crowded tube everyday, exhausted and fed up.

Long stressful days were counterbalanced by wine and pasta, meaning by the end of the week (the bit I’d been waiting for since Monday), I felt too drained to implement any change.

I was completely out of alignment, and felt lost. I was depressed, anxious, chronically stressed and unhealthy.

Like a house of cards, it all fell down. And from the destruction I started to rebuild.

I decided to set up a wellness business, creating a health food product that within a year of launch was listed in major retailers such as Ocado, Selfridges and Whole Foods. My ‘dreams’ became ‘goals’ and I felt huge gratitude as I watched them become a reality, but the success came at a cost. I was still addicted to pushing myself to my limits. It was then that I decided to enrol in a holistic health course and yoga teacher training, to learn the tools to implement sustainable transformation in my life.

As I got back into flow, my happiness came back, as did my passion for life.

I began to work to build a life I loved, where work no longer felt like work. One where I could travel, explore, connect, create.

I realised I wanted to share this with other women, and help them create the life they have always wanted. To help them find alignment, step into their power and unleash their fullest life.

All the power is already within you.

Are you ready to unleash YOUR fullest life? To break free from average and live a full up life, in flow, creating magic. Book in your consultation call with me and lets discuss how to take the next steps towards it.

The love and light in me, honours the love and light in you.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Alexandria x